Thursday, December 2, 2010

AMAs: Not a one was pretty

We have a t.v., but no cable hook up. Not that I would watch the AMAs anyway. Anyone who applauds Justin Bieber is...well... clearly out of their mind. You've got better things to do. Like...

wait until the next day for the best and worst dressed lists! I'm a bit of a junky for those, following any major awards ceremony. I don't READ about celebrities, but I will happily look at their clothing. Here are some lowlights from the AMAs.

First, Christina Aguilera.

She's a mama, by the way. I've always thought she was trashy, and definitely wears too much make-up. Now we can add "wears sequined granny panties" to the list of why I am not her friend.

Speaking of the "Biebs," as he is affectionately known, he's wearing a shirt with leather sleeve cuffs. Blech. And for the love of everything sane, will someone please cut that kid's hair???

The Black Eyed Peas give us a nice lesson in the fashion wisdom "dress your age."

As does Pink. In fact, the evening's collective ensemble could be summed up in that phrase. I guess after you've spun around from a rope while singing in a sequined see-through costume, suspended over the audience... well, you can't outdo yourself anymore. So better just stick to the tried-and-true do-rag/size xxxs combo.

Jessica Alba doesn't look bad, per se. But it's that she's waaay overdressed for the night that bugs me.

Miley Cyrus is apparently unaware that Janis Joplin's style (and singing) was never very cool. Or maybe she (Cyrus) thinks she's being original? I'll vote for that!

Rihanna. If you remember her bandage jumper, this one might actually look ok to you. Still, I have no words for it...

Photos courtesy "courtesy" meaning, I borrowed them without asking. Thanks cbs!


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