Friday, January 28, 2011

Do you embarass your daughter with your style?

A U.K. retailer surveyed tons of young women to find out what they think of their mom's clothing choices. Turns out one quarter of them said their moms dress too young.

A fifth said they consider their moms fashionable.

"One in four believes her mother wears clothes that are simply too revealing, and more than two thirds claim never to want to dress like them."

Those are some pretty big sums - over two thirds don't want to dress anything like their moms?? Then again, it isn't hard to understand when so many women well past the intended age for certain trends cling to them like... guns and religion. [hee hee]

But.. dressing drab isn't necessarily the prescription. You could look just as embarassing in a modest frock as you could in a mini and peep-toe platforms.

Do you think your daughter would be happy to claim you in public? What's the best balance for fashionable mamas?

Let us be so, so happy she does not have children to embarass!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stripe Obsession

I love me some stripes.

While going through my closet with Sofia the other day pointing out all the different colors, fabrics, patterns, I noticed I have a TON of striped items. Wide, pinstripe, multicolored, Missoni-style, I don't care. Give me a stripe over a polka dot any day of the week.

Patterns in general, though, are my friend. Even before being pregnant - and needing the distraction they afford - patterns drew me in. Houndstooth is a close second, followed probably by crazy allover print. Never been a fan of animal print, but I do have a muted gray/black zebra patterned purse.

Yesterday, case in point, I was perusing a sale rack and zeroed in on the striped 3/4sleeve boatneck tunic. So typical! That's my go-to style of shirt because it's super flattering. Shows off the decolletage, hits right on the arm not to get in the way, gives the illusion of a shaplier waist and bust. Perfecto!

This spring's (and, seriously, every spring's but who cares?!) nautical style is right up my ally.

The classic boatneck in Breton stripe. I had this shirt when I was a kid; my parents got it for me in Paris. How appropriate! Many, many ways to wear the Breton. Tunic length is flattering, even though it goes over your hips. No, stripes do not make you look bigger. On the contrary, they demarcate the edge of your figure, making it more shapely. Touche!

The L.A. version. With cutoffs and, most assuredly, Ugg boots. Not. my. thing.

The NY version. More my style, though I can't see wearing something this short. Still, the blazer/stripe combo is so classic it works.

If you must have color here is a trendy version...

and a super cozy one, too. Hmm... looks like a Saturday shopping outfit with dark jeans and riding boots, huh? Or.. sweatpants and a cup of coffee at home!


AHHHHHH! Even MORE adorable!!

No stripes, but... This is an image I found of bridesmaid dresses. Can you imagine?? What a fun theme, and not too literal.

Three classic ways to wear this stripe: long-sleeved with a pencil skirt, dress and long cardi, skinny jeans and a blazer.

I am IN LOVE with this look. The trench skirt with high waist, oversize tie detail, fur collar! I think I need to invest in a skirt just like this...

How about you; do you have a favorite pattern or print?


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