Thursday, December 2, 2010

AMAs: Not a one was pretty

We have a t.v., but no cable hook up. Not that I would watch the AMAs anyway. Anyone who applauds Justin Bieber is...well... clearly out of their mind. You've got better things to do. Like...

wait until the next day for the best and worst dressed lists! I'm a bit of a junky for those, following any major awards ceremony. I don't READ about celebrities, but I will happily look at their clothing. Here are some lowlights from the AMAs.

First, Christina Aguilera.

She's a mama, by the way. I've always thought she was trashy, and definitely wears too much make-up. Now we can add "wears sequined granny panties" to the list of why I am not her friend.

Speaking of the "Biebs," as he is affectionately known, he's wearing a shirt with leather sleeve cuffs. Blech. And for the love of everything sane, will someone please cut that kid's hair???

The Black Eyed Peas give us a nice lesson in the fashion wisdom "dress your age."

As does Pink. In fact, the evening's collective ensemble could be summed up in that phrase. I guess after you've spun around from a rope while singing in a sequined see-through costume, suspended over the audience... well, you can't outdo yourself anymore. So better just stick to the tried-and-true do-rag/size xxxs combo.

Jessica Alba doesn't look bad, per se. But it's that she's waaay overdressed for the night that bugs me.

Miley Cyrus is apparently unaware that Janis Joplin's style (and singing) was never very cool. Or maybe she (Cyrus) thinks she's being original? I'll vote for that!

Rihanna. If you remember her bandage jumper, this one might actually look ok to you. Still, I have no words for it...

Photos courtesy "courtesy" meaning, I borrowed them without asking. Thanks cbs!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Etsy spotlight : Sohomade's tea dresses

Many of you have noticed the delightful revival of 1950s/60s tea dresses and tailored suits on the fall runways. I for one an *thrilled* at this open endorsement by the fashion industry that Mad Men style is making a comeback in a big way.

There's always a catch though, isn't there? You see something amazing on the runway and, not wanting to wait until the watered-down version makes it to the local Target (and not being able to pay the price for the designer variety) you run out to your favorite vintage store and scour the racks for original designs.

Alas! Women who lived and cooked in those fashions the first time around were tiny. Not because they were all naturally size 2, but girdles helped a lot of women achieve that hourglass look. Thus, modifying a true 1963 tea dress is a no-go; there's simply not enough fabric to let out (yes, even if you're a size 6). What's a modern, yet vintage-minded, lady to do?

This is the genius of Etsy. You love chiffon-rich dresses drenched in watercolor prints? There is an Etsy seller who is making just that. In fact, there are probably 1,000 sellers making varieties, practically guarenteeing you can find something that suits your exact taste, size and budget.

Case in point: Etsy seller Sohomade. She hails from - duh - New York, and specializes in tea dresses with sashes, lace and oh-so-flattering wide necklines. Her choice of prints is worth noting, too: feminine and colorful, in muted colors and floral allover loveliness. Nothing too modern to be found here! She also makes accessories, belts mostly, and skirts.

An Etsy-specific feature is a seller's willingness to custom make items also (Sohomade does this), as well as their "Alchemy" feature, by which you can request a completely new, custom item from the entire community. Sellers who think they can make what you want respond with bids to create your item within your parameters. How fun! For people like me - who know what they want but can't make a pattern to save their lives - this is a major plus for joining Etsy!

You can visit Sohomade's shop at this link, and here are some items I found particularly pretty:

If you could wear a cupcake, this is what it would look like.

Watercolor-y landscape print? It makes it feel like summer lasts all year long!

Everything about a print that I like. Maybe I'm a 70 year old woman trapped inside a 30 yr old's body!

This one hits another fall trend - gray, gray, gray.

This belt would also satisfy your trendy urge for plaid, too!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WIBN Wednesday - Boots!

Ahh... it's almost time for fall fashion. I'm SO glad I will be a "normal" shape so I can wear some of the lovely offerings this year!

Wouldn't it be nice to have feet of a normal size also... meaning, less than a small watermelon... so I could work it in some of these boots? Thank goodness those feet will start to de-swell soon. There are just too many cute styles to pass up!

WAY too many styles... check out the plaid... the details... this year I am saying 'yes' to last year's booties trend. I'm not above it!

P.S. Be on the lookout for the September fall fashion post in the next two days!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Seventh Month Stretch

My belly is gettin big.

On some days, Nic will ask me when I'm going to look like all those pregnant ladies he's seen with huge bellies sticking out. And, when will I start holding my back and waddling around?

Hopefully.. not at all!

On other days when I say "I'm so fat!" he'll nod or verbally agree. Eh. I'm not sweatin it. Even in the monstrous humidity we've had this August, I've managed to stay pretty cool most of the time. As in, I am still trying to look pretty and cool at the same time. For me, the belly hasn't been much of a hindrance. Hooray!

Having a job is great for a pregnant woman because it forces you to maintain your appearance, even when you just want to give up. And it's not that hard to come up with something comfy and nice-looking, either. It only takes a little bit more planning.

I've come up with an awesome summer work outfit, and I have made many variations on it. It basically consists of short pants, a sleeveless top, a belt and shoes. Et voila! Best part is, everything can be interchanged, so there are tons of outfits in three pairs of pants, a few shirts and belts.



I made these pants out of linen, and then made the obi from the scraps! Why try to hide the belly? Draw attention to it! It's the (probably one time in your life) when you won't be worrying about what your stomach looks like. Enjoy it. =)
P.S. Another pregnancy bonus? The quickest-growing, strongest, prettiest fingernails ever! Check 'em out in the photo above.

Like a Lady

This is the first time I've worn pink since... well, since ever!

Don't get me wrong, I love my bright, bold graphic prints. But lately I've been drawn to lacy, pink, purple, romantic tops. Why? Blame it on the pregnancy hormones I guess.

I'm really digging the feminine details like ruffles, and light, airy fabrics.

Here are my recent finds!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

If You've Got a Sewing Machine...

... and your budget is small ...

... and you never seem to find exactly what you like at the stores ...

this blog may be a wonderful inspiration to you!
Introducing "New Dress a Day!"

This L.A. blogger has given herself a tiny budget (only $1 a day) to find a thrift, garage sale, swap or estate find (usually a hideously flowy mumu or too-adorned ruffly dress) and transform it into a new, chic dress, top or jewelry item. Most often it's a dress she makes, but let's be honest - even for a super creative person, not everything can be fashioned into a dress that's wearable.

After browsing through about twenty posts I immediately decided to go to the thrift store soon and acquire items for fun reworking before the baby is born. I love a project! And, one could use some more summer items...

I was just lamenting last night that shorts are flip flops, though comfy, are so BORING! And, making one's own maternity wear out of $1 (or a couple more bucks) items is pretty smart. Maternity clothes are pretty expensive new. Lastly.. putting on a dress makes me feel womanly when lately I just feel, well, like there's a lot of me.

So check out the website! Get inspired! Modifying clothes is VERY easy to do, definitely beginner work, especially when just reworking a dress. Most of the changes are in taking in a size or two, hemming up the bottom, or cutting off sleeves. You can do it, too!

Some of my favorite posts from NDAD:

Have a fun day!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Notes from the Past

I'm not a fan of the word "retro," but vintage fashions do have a secure place in my heart. Though I don't own many older pieces, I recognize that there are certain styles that NEVER go out of style and, really, I'd be smart to invest in some more of them.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark gets it so right.

There are some fashions that are definitely dated - certain cuts of skirts and pants, etc. - and going overboard with too many vintage items does create a costumey look, but incorporating a few classic items can really pull a look together and quickly. Here are a few of my favorites...

Short Leather Gloves

Short leather gloves say to everyone, "I'm a lady of luxery," even if you bought them at TJ Maxx. Classic black will go with everyone, but bright colors can also add needed punch to an otherwise simple dress and heels. I like these mustard yellow and aqua gloves for that purpose.

Not for warmth, short gloves are a very ladylike addition to outfits in fall, winter, spring, even summer. I'm not too thrilled about fingerless gloves, but embellishments like bows, pearls and crystals do attract me a bit more.

A short post on glovesFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Short leather gloves are the perfect combination of dainty femininity and edginess. How many clothing items can you say this about, that you could see Marilyn OR Jackie wearing them?

Wide Leg Trousers

They made their first appearance (popularly) in the late sixties, in "career suits" for ladies venturing into the workplace. By the 70s the trend was - pardon the pun - in full swing. And why? Because they look good on virtually everyone:

* On the short side? Wear heels or platforms and elongate your stature.

* Pregnant? Get 'em with a belly band, or let them sit low underneath your belly. They can replace the elusive "flattering maternity jean" (does that exist??), look great dressed up or down, and conceal the post- (or during-) baby weight. Hooray!

* "Plus size" (I hate that term!)? They are so comfortable, and can be paired with all your awesome embellished shirts and scarves.

* Like menswear? You will love them as a new staple, replacing men's cut pants that tend to not accomodate hips.

Any neutral color will do - gray, black, blue, white or brown. Take your time to find the best fit for you and invest a little more money into them. Guaranteed - they will last a lifetime!

wide is on our sideFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

A Fantastic Hat

For me, this is a cloche. It's so perfect - petite, non-assuming, feminine and a throwback to days when women covered their heads in public out of modesty... and not because, in a fit about their hair not looking right, or not having time to do it, they threw on a baseball cap! That's ok for college girls but ladies, really, I think we're better than that!

The cloche makes an appearance in any season that might require or would be suited to a hat: in spring and summer, straw styles keep the sun off the very sensitive skin of one's face, while in the winter a traditional felt or wool cloche hides ones smoky eyes and protects the hair from the effects of falling snow.

Pull your hair into a sidesweep or low bun/ponytail, put on a cloche hat and you will feel so glamorous, peering out from underneath the narrow brim.

cloche itFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

T-Strap Pumps

I'm going to be pretty specific here! The perfect t-strap pump is not found with: a stacked platform base, an overly thick heel, or patent leather! And, I'm strictly endorsing pumps, not wedges or stilettos (although if you like those they are good with a) street styles and b) the corporate workplace).

Barring my restrictions, there are SO many lovely styles of this shoe to be found. I love them in virtually all materials, prints, colors and with embellishments. Thick heel, thin heels, wide or narrow straps - doesn't matter to me! Here are some of my favorites:

t-strap like thatFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

t-strap like that by onethirdlife featuring Seychelles shoes


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