Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shower Attire

Not that kind of shower. Baby shower.

I'm getting used to this whole big belly thing (I actually kind of like it) and it's be nice to show it off, especially when I'm almost to the end.

By today's date I've gained about 20 pounds, but unfortunately the baby is only 2.2 lbs of that! Hmm.. that means I have some extra me that is simply begging to be draped in jewel-toned fabric. Right?!

Wouldn't it be nice to find juuust enough saved to splurge on a (not hand-me-down; but thank you, sisters, for the hand-me-downs!) drapy dress for said baby shower?

Ahh... we shall see..

Isn't this burnt orange color HOT??

What do you think - are bright colors good for a big ol' pregnant girl, or should I stick to black?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Just When You Thought...

... your wardrobe was finally starting to reflect your age...

... your clothes were finally starting to fit right...

... you could find clothes in your styles readily available...

You find out you're having a baby, and it's back to the drawing board!

Ah, well. I like a challenge; isn't that why I started this little fashion blog? All right then! Prepare yourself for the new incarnation of this blog (for the next few months at least, since I'm due in October).. words that are hardly ever uttered without a snicker from those mothers gone before us...


Seriously, stop laughing. It's possible, isn't it??!! Darn it, I'm going to try! Maybe I even look better pregnant than I do normally, huh? Huh?

You just wait and see!

Stay tuned...

Oh, until then, here's something I spotted - and only two days after I complimented the forever 21 checkout girl for their having many styles that work for maternity clothes but don't look "maternity" and are tres inexpensive -

I know, right? Forever 21 is great for basics - camis, t-shirts and sweaters - as well as having tons of accessories and fun items on the cheap. The downside? Made in China (boo!). But if you need some maternity basics and are on a major budget, they will help a lot!

And look how stylish this chick is! Who says you shouldn't wear stripes when you're pregnant; everyone knows you have a belly - they can see it - so why not wear what you like?

Those shoes though? Not so much. If you've got edema, you ain't wearin' those without a lot of discomfort. Then again, you could just wear them out and then put your feet up on something! See, totally workable!


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