Monday, February 28, 2011


Ok, folks, it's time for the annual Oscar style round-up!

Instead of belaboring the post trying to do some high critique, I'm just going to give ya my first thoughts on all things Oscar fashion. Please comment!

One of the themes of the night seemed to be gowns in neutrals with a bit of sparkle. There were some stunners (see below), but both Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth diappointed me with their very different interpretations. Kidman because the color is so blah, and Gwynnie for her lack of make-up and stick-straight hair. On the upside, Kidman's necklace is GORGEOUS and I'd be lying if I didn't say GP's pilates body wasn't made for allover sequins.
Speaking of allover sequins... they are always a standby for Academy ladies. This choice by Amy Adams is so-so for me. I love her, so I wanted to like this dress. The color is nice though a bit muted for my taste (although maybe that makes it perfect Oscars formal?) and the cap sleeves are showing off her rockin' arms. In fact, I don't know what it is that I don't like about this... perhaps the accessories?

As I said, there were some stunning sparklers on the red carpet. I didn't recognize Mandy Moore in this, and even when I read it was her I assumed someone confused someone else with her! The almost-my-skin-color dress seems to blend seamlessly. I'm not sure it's a dress so much as a really well done bedazzler project. My normal reaction to something like this would be "ice skater costume," but this time it is just too pretty to scoff at. Well done!

Haters can trash her all day long, but Helena Bonham Carter is quirky in all the right ways. She has fun with fashion.. isn't that the point?? It's not like someone is making you wear things for their pleasure. Love the union jack tattoo (or whatever that is) and the stacked platforms! Making basic black pop is tricky, but she's done it.

Team triple axels coming this way! Or, maybe she's headed to the alito deck for some shrimp cocktail and a tom collins. Either way, I'm not on board.

Another winner in pale pink and sparklies, but something is lacking. I feel like I've seen her in this type of gown again and again..

See, there isn't a formula for Oscar dressing. Michelle Williams (about whom I still have no idea what she's been in) went for the low color/sequin/transluscent gown and ended up looking like she's wearing a t-shirt dress with spangles.

I have no idea what to say about Cate Blanchett's choice. I love her, so that's coloring my judgment. Is it cutting edge? Not really. Unflattering? Not really. What is it?

Now, even though the dress is a little pageanty, Jennifer Hudson's choice here is spot on. The red carpet is about a wow factor and being memorable. Say what you will, but this blaze orange number will not be easily forgotten. Though perhaps it being burned into your retinas isn't exactly a compliment.

I'm not going to whine about how "this isn't the real J-Hudson because she lost xx number of pounds" either, because that is damn hard to do, and who wouldn't want to show off their hard work? A slightly more reddish orange might have been better for her skin tone, but otherwise this was a classy number.

And that's all I got, folks. What were YOUR favorites of the night? Whose style would you steal?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New York Fashion Week Spotlight

According to pretty much everyone, 18-yr-old Karlie Kloss is the one to watch during NY Fashion Week. She's six feet tall, a former ballerina and presents herself with a refined walk belying her age.

She's also very excited to be there, which makes cheering her on all the more enjoyable. Because, really, who wants to watch a model drone down the runway, trying to look as disinterested as possible? Boring! (And a little obnoxious, since her only job - which so many covet - is to make the clothes look good by working them, both in body and face.)

Check out Karlie in Donna Karen (the 'embodiment of womanhood,' she says. Agreed!), Jason Wu, Altuzzara and Derek Lam. She's pretty dang stunning in all of them. And feminine, which is such a nice alternative to the droves of almost-androgynous tomboy models of today. (Am I wrong?) Kloss is, let's face it, the reason why I lament both my below-model stature and unprofessional dance training! Arrrrgh. Well, at least I can live vicariously through her!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Credit Where It's Due!

Normally I am not feelin' the First Lady's choices...

on policy or fashion...

but I am TOTALLY loving this dress and bold accessories!

It just screams SPRING! Ahh, yes, the return of color to so many lines is a welcome sight, especially here in the [ever-blanketed-by-mounds-of-dirty-snow] Midwest.

And you know where it's from? H&M. Loving it even more because I can afford it! ($34.95)


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