Friday, June 24, 2011

For the Love of Contrast

Some people are just naturally drawn to contradictions...

The good girl to the bad boy.

The health nut to the McDonalds fries.

The bold to the meek.

I for one LOVE neutrals with bold, bright colors. There is something so fresh about a pop of color, especially when paired with gray or brown or taupe. Man, I love me some beige. It's not boring if it's serving to temper the rest of your ensemble.

Pairing with black or white also have their place. Relying on white makes you look like a cruise traveler, and too much black is just too much for summer sometimes.

I can't believe I found all these items at Old Navy. Old Navy! The land of yoga pants and endless t-shirt styles (whatever happened to their business casual line?? those were the only trousers that fit my hips!).

Lounging around your backyard on the weekend does not seem as lazy as when you're doing it in style, am I right?

Coral top - something I would never look at any other time... somehow now looks perfectly girly. And these shorts? Come on!

With necklace worn as wraparound bracelet. If I had a first date to go on, this is what I would be wearing on it.

Probably the most random-looking, but would be great for walking around the farmer's market shopping for fresh strawberries and rainbow swiss chard.

Two necklaces are better than one for a lunch, brunch, play date, trip to the zoo, or even for church. You're casual, but not so much so that you can't wear jewelry!

And the other tops I couldn't find suitable bottoms for. Their navy/off white stripey skirt was out of stock, otherwise it would be perfect with any of these!

[sigh] I so wish I had some money stored up for the shopping itch. It's so long until my birthday...

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