Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pretty Hair In Five Minutes or Less

I've mentioned before how much I dislike spending a lot of time on getting dressed and done up. My hair is an especially sharp point of contention. I don't have much control over it, so the easier the hairstyle the better!

I "borrowed" these styles from a major website. They can all be accomplished in five minutes or less. Really! I tried several of them just as a test. The key is to twist or braid or pin everything loosely. That way you have some spare hairs that escape and do that really pretty "I'm not trying too hard" thing.

I am attending a wedding this weekend and hate to have bangs flopping in my face on a hot day. I might just have to go with a braided bang, a la style #3. Or the last style, if it's just too hot...

The Audrey. I tried this.. it's waaaay simple. Divide hair in two sections horizontally. Twist up the bottom and pin in place. Tease out the top 1/2 a little and tuck loosely into the bottom portion. Spray swoopy bangs and pin loosely behind ear. Done!

Double Twist. Divide hair into two sections vertically. Twist each side individually and add an elastic at each end. Then twist both sections together loosely. Tuck ends underneath and pin down any strays so they don't show.

Beachy Braid. Gather bangs and french braid along hairline. Secure ends with a bobby pin. Could that be any simpler??

High Point Ponytail. Tease up hair along the top, spraying with hairspray. Push hair up and secure with an elastic. Place headband just before bump starts on top. It's less Snooki than Holly Go Lightly, trust me.

Not Quite a Braid. Divide hair into three sections, horizontally. Secure the front-most portion on the top of your head, loosely. Twist the middle section and turn under, pinning underneath. Twist up the bottom section, letting the ends fall over the top of the twist and hang down a little. Secure with pins and scrunch hair all over with curl spray. Or, slightly curl small portions.

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